Signature TimbScale Modular Walling System released!

Signature TimbScale Modular Walling System released!

240 separate items make up the new Modular Walling System, available to purchase in the shop now!

The Modular Walling System consists of five ranges of walling type, in two heights, five styles of detailed gates and with a choice of four different pier caps. 

By selecting from the vast range of lengths and handing variants, any shape and length of walling can be made to suit the constraints of your layout!

The main feature of this system is its flexibility to 'fit' any scenario without any cutting or compromising the look, with poor joints!

Each joint, weather straight or a corner, glues accurately together with no sight of a join, just seamless walling and no unsightly joint fingers or gaps!

Watch the video tutorial to help choose the right parts.


This is the fourth launch of new products, we will be adding hundreds of new products over the coming months, a few dozen at a time (we carried way with this one at 240!), every few weeks. 

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