New partnership with TimbScale

New partnership with TimbScale



We are delighted to announce a collaboration with TimberSurf.

We will be launching a new range of products in the new year under the TimbScale brand

TimberSurf has a wide social media presence in the modelling world and can be found on his highly informative website, YouTube channel {TimberSurf} and Facebook {Tim Surf} and has now brought his substantial Industrial design experience to the modelling world, in the form of scaled down 3D designs for printing.

The existing extensive portfolio of products that he has, will be offered by Scale 3D during 2022, but the range is ever developing and will continuously expand in the future.

The product range is innovative and sometimes quite unique, filling some interesting holes in the existing market place and creating new categories not seen before! A lot of the items are of a, 'not seen before', modular format, that enables complete flexibility in size and shape of the final model, giving a scratch built look, to an "off the shelf" product, that can be made to look unique by the modeller!

Consisting of a wide selection of accessories, to include infrastructure, household, industrial, agriculture, rail, vehicular and street items, to help populate the detail on your layout or diorama

The initial offerings will mostly be in OO gauge/1:76 scale, but the future will bring an expanding choice of scales!

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